Once upon a dream, they were together. They were in each other arm, they used to walk hand in hand. He was the world to her, her smile used to shine his days. Their kisses and touches inspired some, what they had and what they were was envied by others. Once upon a dream, they were in love…
Now he is all alone, moving on, claiming the world as his, smiling here and joking there.
Now she is dying from deep inside, her smile carries a lot of sadness, she is so afraid of sleeping and dreaming about him, and she struggles with her breathing every time she sees his face.
It was then that she saw him, his arms around a waist that wasn’t hers, his eyes looking into somebody else’s eyes, it was then that she realised that she lost it all, that nothing was like it was, that they are never going back…
And she just wishes that she could forget all those moments stuck in her head, if only she could erase all her memories with him.
With tears in her eyes, she watched them together, watched them the couple so in love, and she was a girl who used to be on fire, who was once upon a dream his girl…


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