A night like any other

It was late, and sleep was something she had been lacking lately, so she dragged herself out of the world her reading made exist to go to that empty bed that awaits for her dreams every night. She curled up in a ball under her sheets hugging herself tightly so a warm feeling of comfort begins to invade her. She had been like that for two weeks now, and nothing had changed, she wasn’t getting better, she wasn’t feeling less hurt or broken. Under her sheets, she closed her eyes hoping that sleep will soon take over.

But she didn’t know that on the other side in her dream world, he was waiting for her. He had been waiting for her every night ever since he left, and she knew it was the only place and the only time where she could be with him once again. And in her deep sleep, she smiled…

But just like every night, she saw him leaving, letting her go, and moving on to a life where she doesn’t matter anymore. Like every night, she faced the inevitable, and even in her reverie world where everything is possible, she was alone at the end of the dream just like on every single night.

She woke up, her pillow and face wet from her tears, her hands curled into fists in the sheets, her breathing quick and difficult. She drank a glass of water in an attempt to calm herself down, curled back into a human ball while hugging herself without feeling any comfort at all. He was gone, she was here thinking about him, wishing he was near, wishing someone would understand how much she believed in him and her, wishing he would see it too.

So again she prayed for sleep, but this time, she let go her guard and sobbed and let new tears fall down again until she fell out of alertness…




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