Qui Suis-Je?

Qui suis-je?

Je n’ai ne de premier ni de dernier

Mon tout ne s’est pas arrêté de se plaidoyer

A moi tous les mots de l’amour ont été attribués

Pour me trouver cherche dans ton coeur et arrête de tournoyer.


Qui suis-je?

Je suis un tout, je suis un rien

Je suis à toi, je t’appartiens

Entre nous est incassable le lien

Pour me trouver, ferme les yeux et rêve bien.


Qui suis-je?

Je suis la reine absolue de ta vie

Je suis son emperatrice depuis que je l’ai envahie

Je suis ton tout même si tu le nies

Pour me trouver, résous la plus grande énigme à ton avis.





حبيبي، ستجدني.

في كل كلمات الحب التي تقال، في كل لحنٍ حنون يسمع، في كل أغاني العشاق، ستجدني.

في كل نسمةٍ تدغدغ وجهك، في كل زهرة ربيع تعطر أجواءك، في كل ورقة خريف تزين الطبيعة بهبوطها، ستجدني.

في شمس الصيف الحارقة، في غيمة تشرين الحزينة، في رداء الشتاء الأبيض، ستجدني.

في كل يومٍ يمر، في كل شهر يمضي، في إحتفالات نهاية كل سنة، ستجدني.

ستجدني في عقلك، في كيانك، في أفكارك، فأنا، تركت أثري في كل دقة من دقات قلبك.

سأبقى و ستجدني…



إلى أولادي

أولادي، رؤيتكم تتخبطون في بحر المشاكل تحزنني. فقد رعيتكم صغاراً، و حرصت على تثقيفكم و تعليمكم من الحياة، أما الآن، أراكم تضيعون ما بنيناه معاً طوال هذه السنوات.
أولادي، إنكم تقتلون ما تبقى في جسدي من حياة، فأنتم تخنقون أنفاسي، تكبلون حريتي، تشنعون بجمالي و تحاولون محو اسمي.
أولادي، أراكم تلعبون لعبة أكبر منكم، تخططون لأذيتكم.
أما أنا، أريد أن أبقى جميلاً، شامخا، أبيا، فهبوا لنجدة ما تبقى مني، لإحياء قلبي المنفطر عليكم، لإنعاش روحي المجروحة.
أولادي، أنا أرفض أن أصبح ذكرى في تاريخكم، أرفض أن يمحى إسمي عن سجلاتكم، فلا تقتلوني.

دائماً و أبداً، مع خالص حبي


A night like any other

It was late, and sleep was something she had been lacking lately, so she dragged herself out of the world her reading made exist to go to that empty bed that awaits for her dreams every night. She curled up in a ball under her sheets hugging herself tightly so a warm feeling of comfort begins to invade her. She had been like that for two weeks now, and nothing had changed, she wasn’t getting better, she wasn’t feeling less hurt or broken. Under her sheets, she closed her eyes hoping that sleep will soon take over.

But she didn’t know that on the other side in her dream world, he was waiting for her. He had been waiting for her every night ever since he left, and she knew it was the only place and the only time where she could be with him once again. And in her deep sleep, she smiled…

But just like every night, she saw him leaving, letting her go, and moving on to a life where she doesn’t matter anymore. Like every night, she faced the inevitable, and even in her reverie world where everything is possible, she was alone at the end of the dream just like on every single night.

She woke up, her pillow and face wet from her tears, her hands curled into fists in the sheets, her breathing quick and difficult. She drank a glass of water in an attempt to calm herself down, curled back into a human ball while hugging herself without feeling any comfort at all. He was gone, she was here thinking about him, wishing he was near, wishing someone would understand how much she believed in him and her, wishing he would see it too.

So again she prayed for sleep, but this time, she let go her guard and sobbed and let new tears fall down again until she fell out of alertness…



Old Flower Man

He is standing outside all alone, hugging his white bucket, eyeing all those happy, drunk, foolish acting people, leaning on the wall, making sure he is seen by those passing by…

I am sitting in this cozy place inside, warm, comfortable, watching him… I always watch him when I come here…

“A flower to the young lady sir!?” is his greeting phrase, “Look at her! She surely deserve a rose!”… and then he moves on to greet the next couple coming his way… He was my favorite old flower man.

That night, I kept watching him for around an hour, and then out of nowhere, I jumped off my stool, got outside, crossed the street, and stood right in front of him while handing him what he thought was a lot for one flower.

I smiled, “choose me the best flower you have please”. He looked at me, then back to the bucket in his hand, searched for what was in his mind the best flower in his hands, handed it to me, and then… smiled!

You see there are two sorts of smiles that touch my heart: the first one is the smile of a child, full of joy because he hasn’t lived life yet. As for the second one, it’s the smile of an old man who lived through life and its problems and yet finds a way to show happiness on his face…

That night, that’s what I saw on the old flower man’s face. And through smiling tears, I turned, crossed the street, got back inside, climbed back on my stool, and continued to watch him from afar while looking at a beautiful pink rose in my hand…

My mate that night

Sitting here with you, at the bar, we are watching all those coming in and going out.
Sitting here with you, although I have no eyes but for you, I see people laughing, dancing, getting tipsy and drunk, doing all the crazy stuff.
Sitting here with you, fully yours and fully mine, I see couples flirting, kissing, expressing all the love and all what’s in their heart, loving each other.
Sitting here focusing on what you are trying to tell me, I hear their talks, their nonsense, their drunken conversations, I try to push away their laughter.
At the end of the night, I look deep in you, raise you up, empty you, look back at you, what once was my mate for that night, my own glass of wine and walk out of the bar…

The wait of a lonely heart

My Dear Love,

I miss you although I don’t know you, and I know we will meet soon although we have never spoke before. I have this feeling deep inside my heart that you are waiting for me as much as I am waiting for you.

My Love, I kept my heart away all these years for the day we finally meet, for the day when my heart will start beating loudly at the sight of your face, the sound of your voice, the smell of your skin, and be sure you will make every beat counts.

My Love, I know it is hard to keep promises, I know we might go through hard times and ups and downs, I know we might reach a point where we want to turn our backs to each other and walk away, but I know we will make it through because you are mine as I am yours.

My Love, I want to see you, to feel you, to be there for you and to hold you tight in my arms. i can imagine us together, tangled in sheets, breathing on the same rhythm, and growing old together.  I can imagine all that but still I can’t imagine your face yet.

My Love, I am eagerly waiting for that day when the face in my dreams will take shape, when your touch will be warm on my skin, when your smile will rock my world.

My Love, I am waiting for you…

My reason why

I’ve been asked why I always smile, why I have this urge to live every second of this life enjoying it. I’ve been asked the reason of my strength, of my persistence, of my will.

So now I smile, I point my finger at you and feel really proud about what we have.

We have each others back no matter what, we are there whenever needed, we make life much easier, and above all we know how to laugh.

So to you, I bow my head. For every moment spent together, for all the tears that has been replaced with smiles, for every crazy moment, for every hysterical laugh, for all that we’ve been through, for my reason why…

For you my friends…